Emory College Scholarships for International Students

Emory College Scholarships: Emory College is committed to enrolling a talented first-year class with representation from all corners of the globe. In accordance with this philosophy, Emory University offers need-based financial aid awards to a select group of international students each year.

Emory University welcomes students from all over the world. A significant number of international students—from more than 110 countries—help make our campuses rich with various languages, cultures, and heritages.

Approximately 16% of the entering Emory College class and 19% of the Oxford College class this past year were international students.

International students receiving financial aid from Emory / Oxford must plan to contribute funding towards their educational expenses. For example, students will be responsible for travel expenses to the U.S. from their home country.

Emory University cannot assume responsibility for economic changes such as currency fluctuation, nor can it replace lost support that a student may have expected to receive from relatives, sponsors, or government and corporate grants.


Applicants should be students applying for Bachelors’s degree programs at Emory University. All students, regardless of citizenship, can be considered for the scholar programs.

In order to be considered for need-based financial assistance, international students need simply to apply with the Common Application under our Regular Decision plan.

An international student is considered a student who is NOT a U.S. citizen and NOT a U.S. permanent resident.

Students who hold F1, F2, J1, J2, or G series visas or other eligible non-citizens (humanitarian parole, Cuban-Haitian Entrant, refugee status, asylum) are considered international students.

Citizens of foreign countries who apply for need-based financial aid will be reviewed as a separate cohort of applicants.

In our admission process, we must be “need-aware” for citizens of foreign countries. This means that when reviewing applications from students who are not citizens or Permanent Residents of the United States, Emory University takes into account whether or not an applicant has requested financial assistance.

As a result of this need-aware approach and the limited funds available to citizens of foreign countries, Emory’s admission rate for international applicants requesting need-based financial aid is notably lower than the rate of acceptance for those students not requesting aid.

Because of this, we advise students to apply for financial aid only if they do not have the resources to fund their education, and to complete the financial aid form as accurately as possible.

International students are only eligible for financial aid if they apply for support during the admission process.

Students who are certain they will need financial aid at any point during their years at Emory / Oxford must apply for financial aid during the admission process.

Only those students who apply for and receive financial aid for their freshman year will be eligible to receive financial assistance in subsequent years.

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